Sample Clues

Riddles, puzzles, and just striking a pose are all part of the fun at Gorilla Challenge! We’ve listed a few types of clues  you can expect below.  Out of the 12 clues available you’ll only need to complete 10, and of those you’ll receive 4 in the beginning. What fun would it be if you received all the clues at once?!

Sample Clue #1

Imparare l’italiano! Come here to do so! This location even offers trips back home to a land we Americans attribute to pasta. Run to this location, stand out front and give then a taste of your cultural understanding by walking like an Egyptian out front.

Sample Clue #2

Today it is Fossil Day here. Everyone is invited! Go here to learn about archaeology and even meet some people that are professionals in this field. Although we don’t want you to go inside right now, you can go back later. For now run to the rainbow triangle outside, grab a stranger and lift him to touch as close to the top of the triangle as you can get!

Sample Clue # 3

This creature, although hunted for both sport and fur, has had a resilient population here in America. It’s got a whiskered face and its coat ranges from tan to brown. Charlotte particularly loves them. Find their home here and do your best imitation of this creature by the news stands outside their venue.

Sample Clue # 4 

The power of sight is incredible. Imagine not being able to see your mother, your spouse or anyone else around you. This nonprofit works with the United Nations to help the 45 million cases of curable and preventable blindness worldwide. Run to this location and give them a thumbs up under the green awning.

Sample Clue # 5

This building is an ongoing demonstration of urban sustainability. After fixing it up enough to remove the ‘consolidated’ label, the building is a project that engages the entire community in future sustainability programs. Run to this location and stand by the sign striking a pose.

Sample Clue # 6

Ancient civilizations believed him to be the greatest god of them all. He also happened to have a big fork in this image. Be careful or he might SMITE you! “Hercules….. I am your father!” Find this artwork and take a picture with your team sizing this fellow up.

Activity Site Clue # 1

This city was made populous by one industry that brought with it merchants from South America, Italians and other Europeans. These immigrants can be thanked for making this city what it is now. Run to the statue that models them, find the Gorilla Staffer and complete the activity.

Activity Site Clue # 2

Run to this location that is one of the oldest parks in Louisiana. It suffered a lot of damage after Katrina but a Conservancy was formed to help rebuild it. In the center of this location sits a statue dedicated to someone that represented American citizens by being a government official for… Kentucky. Run to this location, find the Gorilla Staffer and complete the activity.