The rules are extremely simple!

1. Have good manners at all times! Please don’t abuse Gorilla Challenge staff, volunteers, fellow contestants, or anyone else for that matter. If you do, it’s ground for being disqualified.

2. Along the course, you’ll be going around a 3 – 5 mile radius of the starting point taking pictures. Please don’t litter or break anything.

3. Keep your bib number visible and stay hydrated!

4. Please be fair to all other Gorilla’s :)

5. You’re only allowed to use public transport such as the city bus, subway, rail, or trolley. Use of cars, motorcycles, helicopters, scooters, taxi’s, horse-taxi’s, rickshaws, rollerblades, and anything else is prohibited. We want to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to win.

6. Have lots of fun!

Also, if you’re participating in the costume contest, there are some things you should definitely know:

  • When you arrive on location, please let our registration desk know that you’re participating in the costume contest, and we’ll take a picture of you.
  • The judging will be made of 70% Gorilla Staff and 30% Facebook page users. Our judges will be judging the costume as a whole, and won’t be looking for anything specific. After the event is over, your picture will be posted on our Facebook page at and site users will vote on your picture by ‘Like’ing it.
  • Voting will be open for 5 days, after which we’ll tally the numbers, add it to the Gorilla Staff votes and announce the winners through email, on Facebook, and by posting it on our website!

We have just five rules for the costume contest:

1. Store bought and custom made costumes are both eligible.

2. This is a family oriented event :) {Ahem, ahem}

3. No costumes that are hurtful, racist, bigoted, or that could be associated with any of the above. Expect to be disqualifed from Gorilla Challenge without a refund as well!

4. No real weapons please. Leave the bayonets and samuri swords at home please. Real lightsaber’s are an exception to this rule.

5. No electrical connections will be provided for your costume.

Prizes for the costume contest?:

Best costume: $50

Runner-up: $25

Please refer to the FAQ for more information, and contact us if you still have any questions. Enjoy!