Los Angeles: Saturday June 9th!

**** POSTONED *****

If you registered on our website, all your team captains are receiving phone calls. If they don’t pick up, we’re going down the list of your team names. EVERYONE is getting a call. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience and we know many of you worked really hard on your costumes. We’ll have a date for you on Monday, and we’re presenting all of our competitors with options on Monday. You’ll have the choice to take on a full refund, bring on an additional three team members at no cost, or compete in the re-scheduled date with half your registration price refunded. If you have any questions, please call us at 657-229-0812. If you get voicemail, it’s because we’re making hundreds of phone calls right now. We appreciate your understanding, and we DEFINITELY want to see everyone out again. 

Grateful to Hollywood for producing the likes of the Usual Suspects, Donnie Brasco, Dirty Harry movies. Maybe we can pull some celebrities in this Challenge? We’ll blast off at The Cat and Fiddle, make our way through beautiful weather and sunny skies, and come back to an awesome finish.

To top it off, we’ll be giving away prizes to the team who brings the MOST non-perishable items to the event for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank!


Hard Rock Cafe
6801 Hollywood Blvd #105
Hollywood, CA 90028
(map it)

Ideal time to arrive: 9:30am
Challenge starts at: 11:00am
Challenges ends at: 2:00pm


Early Registration:
$30 per person until 5/20

Normal Registration:
$45 per person


First Place: $300
Second Place: $200
Third Place: $100

Food Drive Winner: $100

Costume Winner: $75
Runner-Up: $50

Charity Spotlight: The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund

The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund (BMCF) supports patients ages 18-40 as they undergo cancer treatment. This fund provides services to meet daily needs that are not covered by insurance. Typical grants cover $500 worth of medical co-payments, transportation, rents or mortgages, repairs and groceries.

Since it was founded by Brenda in 2001, the Fund has provided over $271,000 in services for 406 young adults across 30 different states. She built it specifically for young adults her age to maintain self-respect during the months of treatment and minimize the financial stresses that are associated with this trying time. Even though Brenda lost her second battle with cancer in February of 2004, the BMCF continues working to fulfill her vision of a nationwide support organization that helps young adults fight – and beat – cancer.

Click here to read more

The Finest of Fine Print

In the event of cancellation due to crazy circumstances (random hurricane, tornado, or Marshmallow man), we’ll send you an email with a postponement date. Your safety and the fairness of the competition is our main priority.

Any more questions? Click here to visit our FAQ for our most frequent questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through a quick message by clicking here.