Gorilla Helpers

DISCLAIMER: Volunteering for the Gorilla Challenge can be super fun, filled with laughter and memories, and can also get a little hectic as hundreds of people in costumes, painted faces, and weird smiles approach to check-in for the competition; all in an effort to win a huge prize or just have a crazy time!

The role of the Gorilla is really SIMPLE on the day of, and you can do one of the following main duties:

Check-In Desk
Match competitors with their online registration, check them in, provide them with a race bib, wristband, and possible a slap on the back (optional).

Camera/Video Gorilla
Take pictures/videos of teams posing or doing random crazy things and record video testimonials and outright strange occurrences.

Challenge Gorilla
Interact with teams running through the course as they complete one of the Challenges required to finish! It could be anything from watching competitors dig for objects through gooey stuff, jumping in the air and doing a dance, knocking over bottles with nerf guns, and more.

THE Gorilla 
Have you ever been walking around downtown only to see a gangload of people running after a person wearing a Gorilla suit? We have! Dress up in a Gorilla outfit and taunt competitors to chase after you. What do they get out of it? Prizes if they catch you! This is, arguably, the most exciting and memorable position in all of GC!

Other Positions
Greeter, official timekeeper, clue distributor and t-shirt giver-away’er,

What’s in it for you?
- SUPER fun time
- Gorilla Challenge Staff shirt
- Complimentary lunch and drinks
- Giving back to your local charity in fun and unique way
- Three tickets to any Gorilla Challenge this calendar year or next
- COMPLIMENTARY Resume Editing from our sponsor Smashing Resumes ($135 value)!

What’s the next step?
Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within a couple of days. If you have any questions, shoot us an email to volunteering@gorillachallenge.com. Thanks!