Corporate Teams

Our normal registration is $50 per person regardless of the size of their group, however, for corporate teams, we offer a sizeable discount. Your company can have teams of two, three, four or however many you like and there is no set number of poeple per team. In fact, companies have even pitted departments against one another to see who can finish first!

We have special rates for corporate teams up to 20 people, and even more special rates for 20 – 50 people PLUS perks such as listings on our website, Facebook event, and informational emails, MC accouncements before and after the event, and even a listing as an honorary sponsor for all press releases.

Wanna learn more about how to get involved? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours or you can always give us a call at (657) 229-0812.

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